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Clarity Clean ItTM Lens, Display and Optics Cleaners and Refreshers

Powered by nanotechnology

Nanofilm markets cleaners, refreshers and accessories under a variety of house brands and private labels. Clarity Clean It TM refreshers were originally developed by nanotechnology chemists for use on Nanofilm’s optical nanocoatings. Now formulations are sold in top optical retailers, a variety of sports and mass retail outlets and on-line retailers. Their use has expanded beyond optical lenses to include cameras, computer displays, PDAs, cell phones, and precision optics such as microscopes, telescopes and binoculars.

Nanofilm’s formulations receive the highest ratings for cleaning effectiveness and safety in independent tests. They leave a surface clean and streak free.

Clarity Clean It TM refreshers are available in sprays and single-use towelettes, as well as a variety of kits.Clarity products are available for retail sale, as a hospitality amenity and promotional item. Find out more.

Clarity® Lens, Display and Optics Cleaners and Refreshers