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Clarity Defender® PLUS Automotive Windshield Treatment

Powered by nanotechnology

Clarity Defender® PLUS Automotive Windshield Treatment is a self-assembling thin film that coats automotive glass and mirrors with an invisible, water-repellant nano-barrier. Independent tests prove these repellents can increase visibility 34% on a rainy night, which can add a full second to response time. At 60 mph, that can translate to an 88-foot margin of safety.

Clarity Defender PLUS forms an easy-clean barrier to snow, ice, bird droppings and bugs.

Powered by advanced nanotechnology, Clarity Defender PLUS performs better and longer – up to 1 full year. While other coatings last only 1-6 months, Clarity Defender PLUS stands up better to sunlight, salt, moisture and cleaning.

Each applicator covers approximately 45 square feet of glass and is available at retail and online. It is also for use on vehicles such as police cars and trucking fleets.
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