Nanotechnology means, at its most basic level, technology measured in nanometers or 1 billionth of a meter. It covers fields from biology to material science, physics to chemistry, and can include development in a variety of specialties. Nanofilm’s areas of expertise are in self-reactive thin films, nanocomposites and surfactants.

Nanofilm’s self-reactive thin films are ultrathin and invisible on a surface. They chemically react with a substrate to bond with it, rather than being “painted” onto it. They impart new functionalities to the surface.

Nanocomposites are another Nanofilm R&D area. Nanocomposites are the blend of nanomaterials into a matrix of another substance. This imparts characteristics of the nanomaterial to a larger body of matter.

In parallel with Nanofilm’s decades of work in creating self-reactive thin films, we’ve developed a depth of knowledge in surfactants to care for those surfaces.

Watch the video that demonstrates how our chemistry works.