About Nanofilm

Company History

A leader in nanotechnology

Nanofilm’s history can be traced to the earliest pioneering of nanotechnology. In the early 1980s, Nanofilm co-founder, Dr. Scott Rickert, was already researching self-assembling thin films as part of his work as a professor at Case Western Reserve University. The company began as a spin-off of that research and was co-founded by Dr. Rickert and businessman Don McClusky in 1985. The company’s initial expertise enabled the manipulation of coatings at the molecular level to enhance the durability, clarity, ease of use and performance of transparent materials.

Nanofilm’s first commercialized product was in response to a need in the ophthalmic industry. A new generation of high-technology polymeric eyeglass lens materials made old-style coatings and conditioners obsolete and unacceptable. Recognizing the growing need for a new approach, Nanofilm developed ultra-thin coatings to protect, enhance and condition this new breed of optical surfaces and coatings.

In tandem with Nanofilm’s ophthalmic coatings, the company developed lens cleaning, care and refresher products. In fact, the first product was launched at the request of a major optical company as a companion product with eyeglass lenses featuring Nanofilm’s coatings. Today, Nanofilm’s surface care products are distributed around the world for the care of electronic displays, such as computers, cell phones and MP3 players, as well as cameras, scopes, eyeglasses and sunglasses. These products are sold both under the company’s own brand name and a series of private label products.

Nanofilm today. And tomorrow.

Nanofilm continues to be a privately held company with headquarters in Valley View, Ohio, near Cleveland. The Board of Directors is comprised of current and former senior executives for BFGoodrich, RPM, McFarland Dewey & Co., and Zeiss, as well as a Senior Partner at the law firm, Jones Day.

The company has grown to 65 employees and has two facilities providing 50,000 square feet of research, production and executive space. Building on a foundation of success, Nanofilm’s expanded nanotechnology portfolio now includes optically clear, thin (nanometers to microns) coatings, self-assembling nano-layers, nanocomposites and surfactant products.

With an in-house team of nanotechnology specialists, the company continues to leverage its rich technological strengths and core competencies to capture growth opportunities in nanotechnology applications. Nanofilm has a full slate of development projects, including a number undertaken with and for partner companies in the U.S. and around the world. The results will have application at the OEM and aftermarket level.
A leader in nanotechnology